Remote Workforce Housing Solutions

Our remote workforce housing services help improve your team’s efficiency and satisfaction during any long-term project. We provide solutions tailored to your needs no matter where you need to go. Contact us for a quote!

Trusted Quality & Service

We take full responsibility for the quality of our housing by owning and maintaining most of our units. In addition, owning our motorhomes and trailers ensures that our housing options consistently meet our high standards.

Short and Long-Term Workforce Housing

As a leading provider of temporary housing, we focus on personalized solutions that meet the needs of your operation and workers. Provide your workers with a comfortable, convenient place to stay near the job site.

Temporary Housing Services provides a broad range of durable, comfortable RV rentals ideal for long-term projects. With highly experienced technicians on our team, we conduct a thorough inspection of each unit before delivery. Moreover, we ensure your crew receives a fleet of clean RVs with the necessary amenities.

The Benefits of Mobile Workforce Housing

When you partner with Temporary Housing Services, we customize our solutions to meet the needs of your remote workers. Before placement, we work closely with your team to ensure each unit has the necessary amenities. 

Often, remote project sites benefit from long-term RV rentals for many reasons. 

At Temporary Housing Services, we strive to provide convenient, affordable options. Moreover, we work to provide your employees with the comforts of home while keeping your bottom line in mind. Contact our team for a quote to see how we can benefit your next project. 

We’re A Full Service Provider

Being a full service provider can be tough, but that’s why we invest in our plumbers & electricians talent.

Prepare for the worst, contact the best!

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    Mobile Housing in Remote Locations

    Our placement team partners with companies across industries to provide temporary on-site housing for their operations teams. Whether you work in oil and gas, mining, or entertainment, projects can take you to remote sites for months.

    Additionally, some projects require that your team remain mobile throughout the project. With our remote workforce housing solutions, we ensure your team has the mobile temporary housing they need, wherever they need it.

    Industries Served

    Our remote workforce housing solutions provide a convenient alternative to hotels for various industries. No matter your sector, we work to provide high-quality temporary housing that meets your needs. 

    • Education
    • Energy
    • Government
    • Hospitality & Restaurants
    • Industrialn
    • Infrastructure
    • Medical
    • Mining
    • Oil & Gas
    • Petrochemical
    • Special Events

    Nationwide Service

    At Temporary Housing Services, we offer remote housing solutions to long-term project sites nationwide. Our goal is to provide you with a cost-effective solution that brings comfort to your crew. Call us for a consultation and quote to see how our team can help you. 

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