A Better Option for Insurance Companies

We partner with insurance companies to provide their customers with a broader range of affordable options in times of crisis. When your clients need a temporary living arrangement, we provide convenient, comfortable RV rentals to keep them close to home.

Trusted Quality & Service

We ensure that our housing options meet our high standards by owning and maintaining all of our units. Our ownership means that we take full responsibility for the quality of our housing.

Comfort in the Wake of Catastrophe

At Temporary Housing Services, we are proud to partner with insurance companies to provide short-term and long-term RV rentals to those in need. When a catastrophe causes extensive damage to their home, your clients deserve a comfortable place to stay.

As the premier provider of temporary housing solutions, we own every unit in our fleet. That means we have the power to maintain a higher standard of quality for our rentals. With experienced technicians on our team, every unit undergoes a thorough inspection and cleaning before delivery.

Give your clients the peace of mind and comfort they deserve. Please request a quote from our team today, and let us show you why we are the leader in temporary on-site housing.

How We Help

From natural disasters to bedbug infestations, there are many reasons people require temporary housing. In addition, homes often require extensive repairs after a catastrophe, from floods and fires to water damage from burst pipes.

With a long-term RV rental, insurance companies can provide clients with a cost-effective, convenient housing option for displaced families and their pets. At Temporary Housing Services, our placement team has extensive experience partnering with insurance companies and agents.

We work with your team to ensure your client has a comfortable place to stay.

We’re A Full Service Provider

Being a full service provider can be tough, but that’s why we invest in our plumbers & electricians talent.

Prepare for the worst, contact the best!

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    A Convenient, Affordable Alternative

    Often, homeowners assume they have to stay in a hotel during the repairs or rebuilding of their homes. Unfortunately, this is an expensive misconception.

    A long-term trailer rental is a cost-effective alternative to placing victims in a hotel. Additionally, our temporary RV housing is convenient for everyone involved. When you work with our team, we bring a high-quality RV rental directly to your client’s property.

    Nationwide Delivery for Insurance Companies and Those Covered

    We work with a broad range of insurance providers at Temporary Housing Services. Whether you are the covered party or an insurance agent trying to help, we work with you and the company to meet your needs. Moreover, we personalize our services to ensure you have a cost-effective, convenient, and comfortable housing solution.

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