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Government RV Rentals for Temporary Housing

Agencies trust Temporary Housing Services to provide long-term trailer rentals for government RV rentals. When disaster strikes, government agencies require temporary housing solutions for large groups of people.
Our long-term RV rentals provide a convenient and comfortable solution to your temporary housing needs.

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Trusted Quality & Service

We take full responsibility for the quality of our housing options because most of our units are owned and maintained by us. Therefore, internal inspection and maintenance ensure that the quality of our housing is always up to our standards.

Helping Communities Nationwide

When times are tough, our team steps up to help ensure communities have access to essential resources. For example, in a disaster, people must have sheltering options that are clean, comfortable, and secure.
At Temporary Housing Services, we partner with government agencies at the State and Federal levels. Our goal is to help them meet the housing needs of people across the country. Typically, hotels are in high demand when disaster strikes.
Often, this creates additional scarcity in housing. However, access to shelter is crucial for those in need. As a provider of government RV rentals, we help meet an essential demand in effective disaster response.

Solutions for Victims and Workers

At Temporary Housing Services, we strive to serve communities across the country. After natural disasters, our placement coordinators help to ensure that displaced people have their housing needs met. 

With our government RV rentals, agencies can provide on-site housing efficiently, safely, and swiftly. Additionally, our units are effective temporary workspaces for those tasked with disaster relief efforts on the ground.  

Beyond sheltering those in need, our temporary housing solutions are great accommodations for emergency response providers. With a cost-effective solution for temporary housing, we help to expedite the relief process. Moreover, it helps those displaced communities rebuild more quickly.

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