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Construction Site Temporary Housing: On-Site RV Housing

With comfortable construction site temporary housing, you provide your employees with the comforts of home even in remote locations. At Temporary Housing Services, we specialize in temporary on-site housing. With a wide range of trailers and RVs, we offer a flexible solution for construction site housing.
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Trusted Quality & Service

We own and maintain the majority of our housing units. That means we’re responsible for the quality of our Housing options.

RV Rentals for Construction Companies

Often, construction workers travel significant distances to work on sites in remote areas. In some cases, the projects require extensive schedules with extended hours. Moreover, workers often have to hop from one job site to another as they add new tasks.

With this in mind, employers need to offer comfortable construction site temporary housing. That’s why Temporary Housing Services provides a reliable, convenient, and comfortable temporary living for construction projects.

  • Mobile homes
  • Travel trailers
  • Short-term or long-term temp housing

Frequently, hotels are inconvenient, expensive, or simply unavailable. With a high-quality RV rental, your workers have temporary on-site housing that allows them to relax. When your company has a long-term project that requires workers to stay on-site for weeks or months, trust Temporary Housing Services to provide a flexible solution.

The Benefits of Temporary On-Site Housing

Unlike a series of hotel rooms, our RV rentals are a cost-effective temporary housing solution for construction companies. Moreover, we offer competitive pricing and plans with flexible solutions to meet the specific needs of your job.

  • Reduce person hours by cutting the commute to and from the job site.
  • Improve the rest your workers get while cutting the costs of the project.
  • Decrease the odds of an accident occurring in transit to or from the site.
  • Reduce workforce turnover by providing your employees with clean, comfortable housing.
  • Improve your workers’ job satisfaction with great amenities built into our RV rentals.
  • Scale up or down as needed with temporary construction site housing that is mobile.
  • Provide privacy and comfort to your workers without breaking your budget.

Why Partner with Temporary Housing Services?

At Temporary Housing Services, we maintain complete control of our fleet of rentals. When you secure construction site temporary housing with us, we inspect and clean each unit. This thorough inspection allows us to provide high-quality RV rentals your workers will love.
As the leading providers of long-term RV rentals, we understand how important your bottom line is. Our RVs are an excellent way to expedite the build while providing comfortable, convenient housing for your crew.

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Nationwide Housing Solutions: Even in Remote Areas

While we also offer solutions for insurance companies, natural disasters, and more, we know many employees need a temporary home.
No matter the size or location of your job site, our team is ready to help with construction site temporary housing. With nationwide delivery, we bring a wide range of options directly to you.
We work with your company’s coordinator to meet every need of your employees. Skip the hassle and expense of off-site housing. Contact our team today for a quote on on-site temporary housing with THS!

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